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Clean Air Warriors: Gregory Sotir

Gregory Sotir, Cully Air Action Team  Strategy: regulating the regulators As part of the Cully Air Action Team , Gregory Sotir will be the first to tell you that the Cully neighborhood is one of the...

Bookstore Hosts Delegation of Middle East Political Cartoonists

By Anna Daggett and Alex Freedman, Eliot Neighborhood News originally published in 2017 On October 31st, Black Hat Books, a radical bookstore located on NE MLK Boulevard, hosted a delegation of Arab language political cartoonists. Organized...

Slice of Life: A Humboldt Neighborhood Walk

By Alicia Richards, Humboldt Neighborhood I have lived in the Humboldt neighborhood for 25 years and while walking I can’t help but notice some...

Multnomah County Drainage District Prepares Us To Get Levee-Ready

by Jessica Rojas, NECN The Multnomah County Drainage District (MCDD), located between NE Columbia Blvd and Marine Drive, is a system of four districts, charged with the objective of protecting lives and property from flooding....

Portland, Unhoused: Denis Theriault

Denis Theriault, Communications Coordinator, Joint Office of Homeless Services “The floor is falling out. People don’t have a place to land anymore when they used to have a place to land. The rent is going up...

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Summer is coming for the Woodlawn Farmers Market

It's been a long winter but the Woodlawn Farmers Market is getting ready for the summer with a food assistance fundraiser, plans...

Harvey Rice Heritage Housing Development Honors Beloved Sabin Activist

Harvey Rice Heritage is bringing two new affordable housing complexes to inner Northeast Portland, named after renowned artists. This is the Isaka Shamshud-Din Development.

Rachelle Dixon: Building a stable base for permanent housing

By Lisa Loving, NE Coalition Rachelle Dixon is a visionary who gets things done: Hot meal programs, community gardening,...

The Previous Pandemic

by Margaret O’Hartigan History may not repeat itself – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t striking similarities between events.

It’s ‘On the House’ at Jinx

By Steve Elder & Nancy Varekamp, Concordia Neighborhood Association The pandemic that made it difficult for restaurants to serve...

Join the Portland Harbor Superfund Site Collaborative Group!

We are looking to recruit community members for the Portland Harbor Superfund Site Collaborative Group! The Site’s...