Nonprofit Spotlight: BARK

by Courtney Rae, Bark Community Organizer Oregon’s forests foster an enormous sense of pride for our communities, but what goes on behind the “beauty strips” surrounding popular recreation sites and roads is purposefully misrepresented by...

Meals on Wheels Turns 50

By Mischa Webley, NECN Staff Writer They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but at the Meals on Wheels Center on NE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, lunches are dished out, free...

ReBuilding Center is Back with Classes and Racial Justice

Evolving over more than a generation, the ReBuilding Center today is firmly rooted in the movements against climate change and racism, focusing on reuse of existing resources, sharing with one another, and respecting the environment.

Summer is coming for the Woodlawn Farmers Market

It's been a long winter but the Woodlawn Farmers Market is getting ready for the summer with a food assistance fundraiser, plans for live music performance, new vendors and more.

Harvey Rice Heritage Housing Development Honors Beloved Sabin Activist

Harvey Rice Heritage is bringing two new affordable housing complexes to inner Northeast Portland, named after renowned artists. This is the Isaka Shamshud-Din Development.
A couple and their dog pose with a bucket full of trash they collected through AdoptOneBlock

AdoptOneBlock: Bringing Portlanders together to clean up their favorite places

It really is fast and easy: enter your address at, choose a block, and order the clean up supplies -- all delivered within a week or two via Amazon.
Keith Jones at cycling event

NECN Board Spotlight: Keith Jones

Hey! Neighbor chatted with Keith Jones about his work on the Green Loop, the groundbreaking partnership the Lloyd Neighborhood has forged with Right 2 Dream Too, and how it all could improve the city’s resilience in a natural disaster.

Portland Food Project Brings Food to the Hungry

By Karen Beck We hear it on the news. We talk about it at work. Portlanders are concerned about the housing crisis and the rising number of people who regularly struggle to make ends meet....

Clean Start PDX Off To A Great Start

by Mischa Webley, NECN Staff Writer On a Monday morning, J.P. King starts up the engine to his pick-up truck and heads across the river from Old Town to the Inner Eastside. As the lead...

Gardening For Food Justice 

By Jolie Donohue With mounting tuitions and the escalating cost of living expenses, today’s community college student is struggling to survive and is often saddled with excessive student loan debt after graduation. At Portland Community...

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