By Adam Lyons, NECN

Authenticity is a scarce commodity in Portland these days; from politics, to people, to food. There are a few pubs left that have an ‘old Portland’ feel that doesn’t feel like it was bought on Etsy. The Rose and Thistle is real Portland. Current co-owner Martin ‘Marty’ Rodgers aunt and uncle bought the bar, originally named the On Broadway Tavern, in 1991 and renamed it. The Rose is for his aunt’s hometown and the Thistle is for Scotland, where Rodgers’ uncle was born.

Some people assume it’s a Scottish or English bar and are disappointed when they find out it’s unapologetically old Portland.

“Being born and raised in Northeast Portland, I always hated going out to places and people looking at you like you aren’t cool enough to be in here, that sort of new Portland pretentiousness. I have told the staff to treat everybody like they belong here, whether it’s their first time or hundredth time.”

Come for the fresh Ranier and Mac of the Moment, come back for amazing staff and trivia nights.