Supported by NECN, Clean Camp PDX is a newly-emerging neighborhood-based project to provide regular garbage collection service for homeless camps. 

Inspired by the “hygiene stations” the City of Portland provides, the Clean Camp project gives homeless campers the ability to keep their area clean by providing basic dumpster services.

To do that, Clean Camp Organizers Will Dennecke and David Brooks are looking for individual donors to sponsor as well as appropriate campsites in Northeast Portland as part of the 3-month pilot phase.  

The initial sites to be served include several locations where the City of Portland currently locates red porta-potties. Clean Camp’s strategy is to identify camp residents to help organize services at their camp.  

Organizers are also recruiting business sponsors interested in paying for the garbage service in the style of public highway clean-ups with signs thanking them.

The group plans to start by serving 3-5 camps in NE and SE Portland for three months. During the project, organizers plan to assess and revise their operating strategy based on experience and responses from the campers and trash haulers. 

They’ll be coordinating with other agencies providing trash removal, such as Central City Concern and SOLVE and neighborhood associations whenever possible.

“The living conditions for people without shelter on the streets of Portland are terrible,” Dennecke says. “The accumulation of debris and trash around campsites makes difficult conditions even more dangerous. 

“Although the city and several other agencies currently clean up camps, they are overwhelmed by the need. Clean Camp PDX will help fill that need.  “

For more information email or call Dennecke at 503-997-3811.