By Javier Puga-Phillips 

CNA Board Member, AL4 

CNA Social Committee Chair 

Bonne Chance, the newest addition to the wine scene in Concordia, is in the former location of Ciao Vitto at 2203 N.E. Alberta St. 

Brothers Mark and James Ehrman opened their lounge and wine bar in August. They transformed the location to focus on being a place for building community. 

“I love seeing people meeting at our bar and, at another time, dining together,” Mark said. 

The experienced mixologist teamed with James, a sommelier with over two decades of experience in wine scene cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. They aim to provide unique beverage experiences tailored to their customers’ individual tastes. 

“Bonne chance” is French for “good luck.” James says, “I am a firm believer in luck.” 

The business opportunity came when COVID-19 put both brothers out of work, and it was time to reinvent themselves. Mark had worked at Ciao Vitto. “After six years of working in this location – and remembering how welcoming everyone was from the get go – I decided to stay.” 

“after six years of working i this location — and remembering how welcoming everyone was from the get-go — I decided to stay”

Mark Ehrman

The menu is inspired by bar cuisine. James recommends the new savory waffle with egg, cheese and meats inside, topped with burrata. The chef’s burger is also a popular menu item. 

Another innovating concept from Bonne Chance is – instead of creating a restaurant around a particular chef or cuisine – the brothers are taking advantage of their open kitchen concept. 

They plan to invite several chefs and restaurants to participate in Bonne Chance pop-up dinners. The guest chefs will offer their unique views on cuisine. This concept is expected to allow customers to taste meals that are changing constantly. 

Mark described the approach as less pretentious and without judgment. He also announced the wine classes coming soon to Bonne Chance, when attendees can learn facts while listening to great stories. 

“My favorite wine tasting is when the client tells me what they like, and I can find something they love,” James says. 

The wine selection at Bonne Chance is also changing rapidly with biodynamic wines, organic wines and a variety of local and international small wineries from all over the globe. 

Mark, who lives in Concordia, takes pride in working and living here, and the approach the neighborhood offers. Customers are known by name and become part of the Bonne Chance family. offers information about the new venue, its menu and owners, and the opportunity provided on the home page to subscribe to its mailing list.