St Johns Bridge

Willamette River: Memories of 1996 

By Jess Rojas  Growing up in inner NE Portland, 1996 was a year I will never forget. My community would be forever shaped by the changing forces of that...
A little tower of rocks stacked on the banks of the Willamette River

Histories of Presence

By Sea Mason Welcome, I come from a long line of earth tenders and healers. I identify as mixed-race Black and Queer. 
Blueprint Foundation meme picturing a young African American girl.

Portland Harbor Superfund Engagement Directory

The Blueprint Foundation works to bring Black youth into environmental science with activities across the board – hiking, camping, science, engineering. Over the coming year, Blueprint’s BIPOC youth and undergraduate peer mentors...
The Fremont Bridge in Portland, Or in the 1980s.

Portland Harbor Superfund Site Kicks into Action

By NECN Staff FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS The City of Portland and an array of environmental agencies are engaged in a critical phase of the Superfund clean-up for...
A river dock made of wood with a sign that reads "Kevin J. Duckworth Memorial Dock"

Best Willamette Beaches in PDX

When you learn about the Superfund site on the Willamette, it’s easy to think: The entire river is completely toxic. It’s too dangerous to touch. Right? WRONG! The toxins...

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