Renewed Energy Engages Alberta Main Street

By Nancy Varekamp  CNews Editor Alberta Main Street surges with new vitality and a renewed effort to develop Alberta Street as a successful and equitable commercial...
Brothers Mark (left) and James Ehrman opened Bonne Chance at 2203 N.E. Alberta St. recently to reinvent the former space of Ciao Vitto and to practice innovation with their food and drink. Photo courtesy of Bonne Chance

Bonne Chance Opens in Former Ciao Vitta

By Javier Puga-Phillips  CNA Board Member, AL4  CNA Social Committee Chair  Bonne Chance, the newest addition to the wine scene in Concordia, is...

Resilience Sees Binks Through Two Decades

When COVID-19 closed down eateries across the state, the couple changed their bar business model and focused on delivery at  By Mac Larsen, CNA Media Team

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