Vanessa White

Owner of Just V Natural and a MESO client.

On the importance of building generational wealth:

“My family has been in Oregon since 1864. My great-grandfather owned property throughout Portland, in downtown and Northeast, not far from where I live now.

He was able to help his oldest daughter purchase her first home and when he passed he left property and money for all his children. He did that in the 1800’s. If he did that then, then what can I do now? [Learning that] totally changed the game for me.

What that means for me is my kids won’t have to work as hard as I did. It’s not a cool thing to have to bust your ass and not reap rewards of what you’re doing. I’ve already done that and I don’t want to pass that down my family line. I want to pass down doing what you love, finding your creativity, living life with as much comfort and relaxation as possible and just being able to enjoy your existence here.

So the importance of generational wealth to me is that my kids won’t have to work at such a hard rate that they won’t be able to enjoy the life they’re working for.”

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